Smart Appointment Bookings: Field services in the new normal

According to CNBC, 84% of small and mid-sized businesses have faced hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Organized, real-time appointment scheduling has never been more important for small business owners with appointment-based services. Pet groomers, home security professionals, hair stylists, masseuses, therapists, and even healthcare workers need to keep their customers happy while maintaining their own peace of mind when it comes to appointment booking.

When proposing an available time slot, your appointment booking system should be referencing three dynamic pieces of information:

  • The distance between the expected location of the service provider and the customer
  • The available travel routes between the two locations based on GPS location services
  • The amount of time it takes to fulfill one appointment and travel to the next appointment’s location.

The time you spend in out-dated logistics planning subsequently affects how quickly you’re able to serve your customers. The speed in which you deliver your services directly impacts your profitability. With technology improving at an accelerated pace, companies need to provide speed-of-delivery to keep customers satisfied. In order for your business to create efficient routes in real-time, your technological capabilities must be able to support that goal.

Your employees’ travel time can be greatly reduced if you have a system that’s powered by dynamic GPS technologies. Why put more miles on your vehicle and more stress on your employee than necessarily? If something needs to be changed regarding your mode of transportation or travel route, these technologies can help you pinpoint your pain points.

Your ability to deliver products and services efficiently has never been more important. At the end of the day customers are expecting seamless service, and that includes appointment booking.

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