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It’s no secret that COVID-19 has severely impacted small businesses, globally. In fact, it has been estimated that over 10 million businesses are at risk of disruption in the United States alone. Meanwhile, companies with a strong digital footprint are flourishing throughout North America.

Our mission is to even the odds for survival by educating, empowering, and expanding small businesses.

We EDUCATE small businesses to harness the power of DIGITAL including but not limited to: social media, website, digital marketing, and scalable digital back office solutions. We EMPOWER owners with low-cost enterprise-grade technology to manage their prospects, customers, sales, product orders, service bookings, operations, suppliers, and even their employees. We EXPAND their operations by sharing our team’s years of combined experience in management consulting, technology, and business development.

We believe the key to surviving the pandemic is a speedy reinvention of legacy small business models leveraging digital tools and processes used by the world’s most successful enterprises. It is our goal to help companies clone their legacy business using digital platforms in as little as three (3) business days. To accomplish this ambitious goal, we are looking to expand our team.